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We Love Our Clients & their Animal Friends

And they love us!

Visit our reviews on Angie's List! Here are just a few examples of our A Rating!!

Gail Moody

I remember all the times you helped our family with lost keys, home alarms and our aging Billie and Bud. Our lives are so much better with you and Clare Pears as a part of it. Mother’s Love is wonderful 🥰

Kathleen Sherman

A family member died suddenly and I contacted Mother's Love for your Pet so that I could travel to be with the family. Wendy came to my house each day to take care of my 2 cats while I was gone. As always when she cares for them, when I return they are healthy and happy (I can tell when they are happy !), and their litter area, and food area is spotlessly clean and in order. She always leaves a note as well to tell me how they were. Wendy and Mothers Love for your Pet has been watching my cats for over 10 years. She is the only Pet Sitter for us ! I trust her completely because she has always been so professional and reliable and truly loves animals. Over the years, whenever I have had to be away from my cats, I have not worried about them at all because they have been in Wendy's care. She is the best, and you can rest assured that your pet will never be better cared for.

Description of work:

For this most recent service, Wendy Burch (for Mothers Love for you Pet) came to my house each day for 4 days to take care of my 2 cats. We agreed that she would come once per day. She asks for feeding instructions (what, where, quantity and and any other details). She has been to my house many times in the past to take care of them and my previous cat, so that there was no need for pre-visit. But the first time, she came for a pre-visit to meet the animals and me, and see their environment and where everything is. For the four days, she visited them, fed them, and cleaned their litter box. She left me a note as always on the final day to let me know how they were while I was gone.

The last two times I have used Mothers Love for your Pet, I have given short notice because of personal emergencies that arose. I was so grateful that they were available to care for my cats. I normally make an appointment in advance for vacations, etc. which is very easy on their website or thru email. Wendy responds very quickly when I send her a request thru email.

Andrew Marsh

Perfect. Love Nancy and Mothers Love for Your Pet!

Michael Small

I have used this service several times and it is great to have someone reliable and caring to

take care of my cat. I am so grateful to be able to leave town with no worries about how my

house and cat will be taken care of. Daily photos and text updates are a great perk.

Hallie Gould

Mother's Love took care of our 3 dogs while we went out of town for 2 days.&nbsp; I have used their services for many years and always thought they were the best of the best, but this last service they provided just doesn't fit any category because it goes above and beyond.&nbsp; We had to leave town for a critical medical consultation for myself&nbsp;that could not be canceled, but had one dog that was gravely ill from cancer and fast approaching the end of his life.&nbsp; Mother's Love&nbsp;visited our house 3 times a day to care for the dogs as they normally do when we need to go out of town without our dogs.&nbsp; This particular trip was nighmarish since our dog with cancer was failing and needed to be put down that same week.&nbsp; Mother's Love went above and beyond their normal excellent service by giving our dog his many cancer medications, carrying him in and out of the house for bathroom breaks since he could barely walk, and called us frequently every day to reassure us that he was still alive while we were reluctantly out of town.&nbsp; Both Wendy Steel, the owner, and her assistant, Clare Pears, took such loving care of our dog a few days before he died as if he were a human being.&nbsp; When we returned and made the heartbreaking decision to end his suffering, they were both there for us for emotional support and reassurance that we were making the right decision.&nbsp; They cried with us since they truly loved him like their own.&nbsp; It was a terrible heart-wrenching week in which Mother's Love truly became an extension of our immediate family during our family tragedy. <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> When you hire Mother's Love to care for your pet, you don't just get the best pet service in the world, you get a dear and trusted friend.

Description of work:

We regularly use Mother's Love for dog walking services 3 days a week while we work, but this particular time used them for complete care of our dogs in our home while we were away for a few days.

Ozzi and Linus

An enthusiastic “Four Paws Up” for Wendy and A Mother’s Love. Our days are so much brighter when Wendy lights on our doorstep and takes us out for walks. She’s the best – just like our mom! We love her, she loves us. What more do we need? But we get more. We get special attention to our individual needs. We get treats. We get some training reminders (apparently you can keep training old dogs – but who are you calling old?)! Thank goodness Wendy and A Mother’s Love came into our lives to relieve us (literally and figuratively!) of the drudgery of being home, day in and day out – while our mom earns our kibble.

Recently, we checked out Camp Wendy while our family went out of town. We had a great time – it was like being at home. No crates. Frequent walks. Squirrels to chase in the backyard. Ready love, hugs and kisses. An excellent B&B (we had beds, breakfast AND dinner)! Plus, our mom tells us her heart was at ease knowing we were in such good, responsible, caring and loving hands. So all paws up in the air for a tummy rub, um, we mean for Wendy!

Tami Blaj

Oakland, CA


Mother's Love For Your Pet not only walks my pet, but they provide lots of love and companionship for my pet. Their exceptional service consists of not only reliable and consistent dog walking, but goes well beyond the call of duty by giving great advice on how to train and take care of my new puppy, as well as regular updates about my puppies progress. But the best show of all is when I see how excited Maggie gets when Wendy comes over and when Wendy leaves; Maggie sits at the door hoping Wendy is coming right back in.

Debbie Downey

Oakland, CA

Denise with Amo and Cooper

I'm a second generation Mother's Love client who has had the great fortune to have Wendy care for my family's various pets over the past decade--dogs, cats, even rabbits. Throughout the years Wendy has provided steady and consistently outstanding care for our pets, either herself or through her staff. She has been with us through our pets' entire lives - from the first day with our bouncy little puppy Amo, who she is helping train, to sharing our grief and caring for our dying beloved dog Teku during her last days. Our pets absolutely love Wendy - she has a special relationship with them and connects with them on a deep level. On a professional level she is ethical, fair, responsive, and absolutely trustworthy. She responds to any questions or concerns immediately, follows through to make sure everything is O.K., and is an all around top notch, beautiful soul. I'd trust her with my own life, as well as my pets! You would be very lucky to be a Mother's Love client.

Denise, Oakland Hills

From Jodi and Ray Mercer



We just wanted to thank you for all the times you have taken care of our pets, Molly, Tori and Kelly. It is great having a service that is so convenient and reliable for our animals. We also appreciate all the extra services you provide including watering our plants, landscaping, and bringing in the mail, etc. Most importantly our animals are well taken care of when we are out of town. In addition, we don't have to worry about the house while we are traveling and you have always been available even on short notice.


(as he dictated it to Mary Vail, his Human)

I'm the Striker--I'm a militant orange male tabby and very busy with my at Demo-catic activities--even if my days as a local labor union mascot are a thing of the past. I, my assistant Tito (the Love Bandit) and my little sister Delilah (the retired greeter cat at the Oakland animal shelter) really love Wendy Burch and Mother's Love For Your Pet!

Wendy's visits mean one to one love and play and a meal with Wendy. We all really like staying in our own home, instead of getting into the car to go to a kennel (cat prison) every time our human gets sent on a road trip for work or goes on vacation. We love our Aunt Wendy and your cat will, too!

This is me getting ready to assist my Aunt Margot

with an important NLRBU Union conference call in 1998.


Mother's Love came to our rescue when we adopted Whitney as a puppy in the spring of 1995. As novice dog owners and dual working "parents," we struggled with juggling careers and raising our pup to be an upstanding canine citizen. In addition to spending long days at the office, we lived in rental housing where we couldn't afford to have an anxious puppy chewing the baseboards. The solution was to introduce Whitney to Mother's Love, who could provide an outlet for midday energy and, more importantly, a committed fun, loving and caring routine that Whitney could depend upon in our absence.

Having known Whitney since she was about three months old, Wendy Burch has become something like a godmother to her over the past five years. In the early years, Wendy was critical in providing consistency behind our puppy training, following the same training protocol we were adopting and otherwise providing guidance and discipline in her socialization with people and other dogs. Later, she became a trusted advisor in Whitney's development, answering our questions and providing suggestions on how to address various health and behavioral issues. Because she knows Whitney so well, Wendy is an emergency contact for her and our two cats in our absence - just like family.

What's special about Wendy and her business is her honesty, integrity, commitment to quality care and open communication. She treats our home and property with the utmost respect and has never taken our relationship for granted. She has gone above and beyond for us, coordinating alternative pet care when necessary and taking on a trusted advisor and advocate role because she knows us, our preferences and our value systems so well. She has truly become one of the family, and she provided us with the greatest honor by walking Whitney down the aisle at our wedding last summer.

Now, Whitney is all grown up but still leaps three feet off the ground in excitement when Wendy arrives at the house. A visit from Mother's Love is the highlight of her day and an invaluable contributor to our ongoing peace of mind.

Noreen and Stewart Irving

Oakland Hills, California

Owners of Dog Whitney.

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